What To Do: Spiritual Warfare

Many come to me presenting their situation; under demonic attack, oppression etc asking what am I to ‘do’ in my situation?
Folks, the reality of the attack or situation is God is Sovereign and is allowing the situation. He is desiring to create in you the image of Jesus Christ. The intent of the situation from the demonic perspective is to get you to a place of believing a lie and acting on it = delusional thinking.
You have a choice here. Most of us simply want the issue to go away. If you stay on this level with the situation, you may end up believing a lie. Here is why; demons will cease their activity if you will compromise your core belief system. A simple trade off in order to get you to a place where you are thinking you are somewhere when you are somewhere else. For example, when we have demonic activity and we rebuke, bind, plead, cast out, break a curse etc and believe the lie this is the ‘solution’ of the situation going away we believe a lie. The lie goes deeper than we are not taught in Holy Scripture to ‘do’ this, but we never actually came to the place of true surrender to the One Who can only ‘do’ anything at all. We believe the lie of ‘doing’ things not taught in the Bible reflects the core belief that YOU are in Gods will, when YOU are still acting out from your ego or Self.
The other choice is to allow God to work all of it out through your surrender recognizing your helplessness and weakness = total dependence. Refuge Ministries was established on the reality of Psalm 46:1 which proclaims He is a very present help in times of trouble. He is always present. But, the temptation to live as though is not, usually occurs due to focusing on the situation one want to go away. First step is to stay focused only on Him. He is ones reality rather than the situation because He is in control of the situation and has a purpose. And, that purpose is to transform you in to the image of Jesus Christ. In reading Scripture, you may notice that He was always in control. He did not react to any situation; he responded. What I mean by this is He always faced life from the perspective of Gods Word rather than the situation. Whatever was presented, He acted in a manner of God centered not situation centered. This is His example of how are to live, truly alive.
There are 2 paths and choices. The first path which is characterized by being reactive, centers around the situation. This will lead you to figuring it out in order to have a solution because you simply want it to go away. At this point the trade off is made because you ‘did’ something to externally change the situation. The result may be less demonic activity but with delusional thinking. The path that leads to freedom and transformation is lead by true brokeness and surrender to the Almighty God which is characterized by being dependent on Him surrounded by His presence knowing His purpose in the situation. You are responding to His Word which brings understanding and peace allowing Him to work in you transforming you in to the image of Jesus Christ. The demons will indeed go away because they have no place in you; they are dead to you as you are to them. You will still be tempted, however you are equipped for the next time they arrive due to are no longer looking to change the situation because you are being transformed. Doing it Jesus style!