May 12, 2017


Refuge Ministries was born out of need. There are countless people who have loved ones involved in the occult and countless others who have been involved themselves. Many are looking for a ministry that will gently reach out to them and take their need seriously without making them feel like outcasts.

When Jeff Harshbarger was a struggling Satanist, the Lord sent certain people into his life to minister to him. Through their involvement in Jeff’s life, he was given the help he needed to be set free from satanism. The Scripture tells us in Matthew 10:8, “Freely as you have received, freely give”.  God has called Jeff to minister life and freedom to those involved in the occult as well as Christians caught up in deceptive practices.

If you’ve been involved in satanism, wicca, witchcraft, new age practices or false teachings in the Christian church masquerading as Biblical teachings, you’re not here on the Refuge Ministries website by mere “chance”. Jeff offers Pastoral care, Biblical counseling, prayer, encouragement and resources. You are welcome to contact Jeff for any reason.