Eating from the Tree of Life

Showing concern for those out there who practice ‘exposing satans kingdom’. God is in total control. I see a lot of podcasts and ministries that are focusing in on identifying demonic portals, Illuminati and secret societies, chemtrails, alien abductions, ghosts, paranormal/supernatural, nephilim, luciferians secret plans etc. This can lead to demonic obsession and speculation on your part. As interesting as these topics seem and as convinced as you are that we need to know……I would challenge that what the body of Christ needs to know is the Word of God which proclaims absolute Truth and equips to stand in His faithfulness. What I am not saying is that we are to be ignorant of satans devices. However, we are taught in Scripture, which does not include the book of Enoch, the what and how God wants us to know. We need to discipline ourselves to eat only from the Tree of Life and walk away from the Tree of knowledge of good and evil.